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Our Principles of Compliance

The banking, securities, and insurance industries carry significant risks. For consumers, companies, and advisors, the consequences of non-compliance can be devastating. They may include financial losses, regulatory sanctions and loss of reputation. Organizations can counter these risks through compliance training and cultivating best practices. 

You expect integrity, accountability, and respect for confidentiality from clients and regulators. Training providers should be held to the same standard. 

Oliver is a leading educator and certifier of individual licenses in the banking, life insurance, securities, mutual fund, and wealth management industries. We offer tailored solutions grounded in the principles of integrity, confidentiality, and transparency. Each of these principles delivers tangible benefits for our partner organizations while upholding the highest standards of compliance and regulatory training. 

Integrity fosters compliance

Leading Canadian organizations trust Oliver to create e-learning solutions that educate their employees about compliance issues. We also manage Canada’s largest national life insurance certification program. We follow international evaluation best practices and our fair and defensible testing provides a consistent experience that is statistically valid.

Oliver’s corporate elearning solutions have been accredited by regulators including all provincial insurance regulators, the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), and FP Canada. We are also the only solutions provider in Canada in our industries to have earned the internationally-recognized ANSI/IACET accreditation. Our accreditations are the outward sign of our internal commitment to integrity. We believe that we can best serve clients and regulators through honesty and uncompromising adherence to best practices.

Security of client and learner data

Protecting the integrity of personally identifiable information is the most basic of compliance standards. This means safeguarding data before, during, and after compliance training. We stay at the forefront of data security with proprietary tools and secure platforms. 

In medium to high-stakes compliance programs, our proprietary Identicheck™ solution provides an audit record for each employee. At the same time, Digital Lock™ secures the learning environment whether the employee is at work, at home, or using a mobile device. 

Transparency to promote accountability

Course progress reporting lets responsible employees know where they stand. It motivates them to finish their compliance training. For candidates who are less diligent, transparency through reporting enables managers to intervene earlier and more frequently. Interventions can even be automated. Compliance notification emails and texts sent to employees and managers can keep tardy or struggling employees under close supervision.  

With performance insights in hand, you can analyze, troubleshoot, and improve performance within your organization at every point along the learning and compliance pathway. 

Transparency in reporting is key for regulators or organizations being audited. It allows them to  easily review registrant activity at the individual or group level. They can even retrieve critical evidence: exam session videos, recorded answers, candidate photo ID, and time-on-task information. 

Principles empower credentialing and training

Oliver has worked in the financial industry since 1983. Our extensive experience with designing, building, managing, and promoting e-learning programs has given us a reputation among corporations and regulators. We’ve delivered millions of hours of regulator-accredited online training to prepare more than 250,000 learners for career advancement in Canadian financial services. Every step of the way, the principles of integrity, confidentiality, and transparency have guided our decision making. 

Canada’s insurance companies, MGAs, banks, and brokerages deserve a principled training partner. Contact us for more information on how Oliver can put these principles to work for your organization. 

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