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Oliver is powered by individuals committed to innovation. We will not rest until we find the most effective and efficient way to support your strategic goals.

We challenge the status quo

Our thinking is often unconventional — even daring.

Certified, trusted, and tested

We have leveraged our insights and innovations from financial services to become an ed-tech company that serves multiple industries, including the real estate, travel and automotive industries. Oliver Solutions has become more technologically savvy over the years. But we are still true to our roots—the transfer of industry knowledge. What began as a focus on teaching has matured to include innovativeness in educational technologies and program management.


  • Our story begins in 1983

    Oliver Publishing Inc. was founded through Dale’s passion for sharing industry knowledge with individuals intending to write industry-entry exams for the Canadian securities industry. Demand grew in other financial industries for us to replicate our formula for exam success. We expanded our team of experts and our training to include the financial planning, wealth management, mutual fund, and life insurance industries. Oliver’s Study Notes became an industry staple.

  • 2005

    Dale Oliver begins delivering what will become the largest and most popular life insurance license certification program in Canada.

  • 2011

    Robert Gardias acquires Oliver Publishing Inc. Robert previously led the development of award-winning financial advisor portals for two of Canada's largest fund companies. Robert pivoted the company to pursue an EdTech strategy with innovation as our highest priority.  Our first transformation was to move from a paper textbook publishing company to an entirely online publishing company with a single platform, multi-client strategy.

  • 2013

    Oliver acquires CE Network Inc. and gains entry into the U.S. continuing education market. CEN's exclusive focus is regulated continuing education.

  • 2014

    Oliver launches its proprietary B2B education technology platform that provides an end-to-end solution for regulated education. The platform has been adopted by financial and regulatory organizations including banks, insurers, colleges and regulators.

  • 2015

    Oliver leads the Canadian life insurance industry with the first remotely proctored life insurance certification exam.
  • 2017

    Oliver launches Digital Lock™,  a downloadable application that creates a secure channel for high-stakes exam invigilation.

  • 2017

    Oliver wins its first national trade association client. 

  • 2018

    Oliver wins its first regulator client. 

  • 2018

    Oliver earns international accreditation as an ANSI/IACET compliant organization. The ANSI/IACET standard recognizes compliance to education best practice standards across multiple dimensions including governance, staffing, instructional design and delivery, security and evaluation.

  • 2020

    Oliver wins its first Canadian college client.

  • 2022

    Oliver earns a Hermes Creative Award for an interactive, French-language insurance industry certification course.

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