Compliance, Integrity, and Transparency

Protect your reputation with Oliver

Oliver is trusted by regulators and professional associations to protect the integrity of their education, certification, and compliance programs.

Competency models

Competency models are the foundation of our programs.

Defining Competency

Competency models help determine what skills, knowledge and attitudes are relevant for career success and accountability. They serve as the road-map for content and exam development. It is always best to get competencies nailed down before we develop courses and exams. But we are realistic and often step in mid-stream and impose order where there is chaos.

Testing & Courses

We cover the range from friendly employee on-boarding courses to high-stakes professional licensing exams.

Fair and Defensible

Our testing is fair and defensible. We understand that exam development and delivery must provide a consistent experience that is statistically valid.


Our courses are designed to support valid learning objectives and engage candidates through a wide array of interactive activities. Whether it is designing a course from a blank page or hosting your existing courses, we can handle it.

Best Practices

We follow international evaluation best practices for the development, delivery, and evaluation of our courses and exams.

Digital Security & Proctoring

Comprehensive and rigorous security is essential not only for your reputation but for ours, too.

Data Security

Data security is critical not just to ensure a candidate's competence but also to protect your reputation as a regulator. We are in the forefront in the industries we serve regarding digital security.


Our proprietary Identicheck and Digtial Lock products are innovations we developed in response to our clients' needs for a highly secure, but easy-to-deploy online proctoring solution. While we are technology savvy, we also rely on a team of experienced human reviewers to ensure candidates' exam sessions are compliant.


We have saved clients countless hours by streamlining their regulatory processes.

Scalable Involvement

Depending on the needs of your organization, you can customize how much or how little you employ our services. Oliver's involvement as a vendor can range from providing turnkey solutions to providing end-to-end program administration.

Streamlined and Efficient 

We will seek ways to help you streamline your processes and gain efficiencies in administration.

Audit Management

Audit management has never been so easy and accurate.

View Registrant Activity 

Oliver's platform allows regulators to easily review registrant activity at an individual level or in groups. Regulators can retrieve critical evidence such as candidate photo ID, exam session videos, recorded answers, and time-on-task with a simple mouse click or two.

Digital Badging

Digital badging is a highly visible means of awarding and retracting certification credentials. Consumers, employers, and regulators can all view details of individual accomplishments and compliance status in real time significantly reducing the risk of the misrepresentation of credentials.

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Industries we serve

Financial Insurance

Oliver is a leading educator and certifier of individual licensees in the banking, life insurance, securities, mutual fund, and wealth management industries.

Real Estate

Oliver has delivered over two million hours of accredited real estate license-related training in North America via its subsidiary CE Network Inc.


Oliver serves as the public face and back-office for a leading travel agent regulator and also a national travel insurance association.


If you do not see your industry mentioned above, call us. We are interested in strategic opportunities where we can innovate and add value.

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