Social Responsibility

The Oliver Group of Companies is a proud supporter of SailGP & its Youth Learning Program.


The Oliver Group of Companies shares SailGP’s commitment to high performance through sustainable innovation. For SailGP high performance takes the form of specially-designed catamarans racing at speeds in excess of 90 km/h powered only by the wind. For Oliver, high performance is managing high-stakes learning programs that enable tens of thousands of people each year to enter regulated industries. For both organizations what is visible above the waterline is only a fraction of what we do; we rely on a sophisticated combination of services including design, data, broadcast, software and technology.

Youth Program

The Oliver Group of Companies supports SailGP’s Inspire Learning Program.

SailGP Inspire

SailGP’s Inspire Learning program aims to provide young people with the ultimate education experience through sailing.

Inspire is:

Inspire is powered by SailGP’s belief that sailing can be a force for good. Sailing provides outstanding opportunities to demonstrate how innovation—the combination of knowledge and boldness—can create a sustainable future powered by wind, water, sun and earth. Inspire provides access to on-the-water sailing experiences and a innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) curriculum that is freely available to everyone.

Environmental Leadership

Sail GP’s vision is to combat climate change and accelerate transition to clean energy. Sail GP leads by example in its on-shore and off-shore activities and supports twenty of the U.N.’s sustainable development goals.

Clean Energy Roadmaps

Sail GP’s Clean Energy Roadmaps articulate ambitious and explicit commitments Sail GP has made and plans to make to advance the adoption of clean energy. Each Roadmaps focuses on a different component within Sail GP’s supply chain and operations from the construction of its boats to the energy required to power race broadcasts. In each Roadmap, Sail GP seeks to demonstrate how individuals and organizations can strive for clean energy best practices.

Clean Energy Events

Sail GP’s aim is to become a global benchmark for clean energy events, to launch a new era of sustainable events powered by clean energy. It begins with clean energy expectations for host venues, using cleantech during events, teams demonstrating best practices and encouraging sustainability commitments from sponsors. Sail GP’s outreach programs seek to leave venue communities more prepared for a sustainable future.

Upcoming SailGP Events

Join us virtually on July 30 – 31, 2022 as Canada’s #2 ranked team competes in SailGP’s Great Britain Grand Prix sailing event.

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