Entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders: Oliver wouldn't be where we are today without the people who work here. 


Oliver is a growing company, we create new opportunities for ourselves through persistent innovation. We take risks, encourage unconventional thinking, and stand by our convictions. 

Working at Oliver

We’re a small team of innovative people who live by our company’s values. Because of our size, we can make nimble strategic adjustments to our organization and the projects we work on.

We create opportunities to innovate

Autonomy is important to us. We encourage our employees to flex their creative muscles and take unexplored paths to success. Often, these paths lead to exciting new solutions

Our values

Think Unconventionally

Our relentless pursuit of innovation makes us unconventional in our thinking. We do not rely on “business as usual” and we don’t follow the crowd.

Failure Precedes Innovation

We are entrepreneurs — calculated risk-takers. Even with planning, sometimes our attempts to innovate fail. But it is in our DNA to squeeze every drop of learning from our failures. We find that with persistence, failure is often only a prelude to our biggest innovations.

Make it Simple

We dislike unnecessary complexity. Can it be accomplished in one click? We strive to make things easy for our clients. Sometimes it takes hard work to make things look easy, but simplicity is our mantra.

Bold Conviction

We stand by our principles. We are confident in our ability to lead and inspire future-forward thinkers. We are never aggressive in our approach, but we will always promote what is right by our clients and the industries we represent.

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