How to Choose a Corporate Training Partner

How to Choose a Corporate Training Partner

With hundreds of corporate training organizations of all sizes in the marketplace today, how do you choose a corporate training partner for your organization? To maximize employee performance, you need a partner who is more than just a corporate learning and development expert. They also must be equipped to meet the unique needs of your organization and its employees. Deciding between training providers is much easier when you know what to look for. This list can help you find a corporate training provider who meets all of your learning and development needs.

Experts in your industry

An expert in corporate training is helpful. Finding one that is also an expert in your industry is even better. A corporate training partner who understands your industry delivers high-quality training programs that meet the needs of professionals in your specific industry. Every training program or course should meet the compliance and regulatory standards specific to your industry.

Flexible corporate learning and development solutions

No two businesses are exactly alike, which is why one-size-fits-all training solutions never really fit anyone. Your training partner should be flexible and responsive enough to customize training solutions to meet your needs. If the program, platform, or structure you need doesn’t exist, they should be willing, and even eager, to create it.

Dedicated to improvement

Your training partner should be dedicated to improving your employees and the industry as a whole. They should be on the lookout for tools and solutions that help organizations like yours upskills and credential employees. A training partner committed to improvement provides effective corporate training solutions for your organization while elevating the learning experience for your industry. They know that each training program is an opportunity to learn more about how people learn, which training programs work, and where there is still room for growth. Using performance insights and analysis, your training partner should help you analyze, troubleshoot, and improve performance within your organization. They should be eager to gather and apply this knowledge for your organization and the training industry as a whole.

Invested in your success

When you call or contact your training partner, you should be able to talk to a real person, someone who knows your organization and is empowered to make decisions. They should take the time to get to know your business and form a deep understanding of your needs. Then they should not rest until they discover the most effective and efficient way to support your strategic goals. In short, they should be a real partner, not just a corporate learning vendor offering a generic solution.

Committed to innovation

Your training partner should be willing to tackle new challenges or solve ongoing problems with new solutions. Unconventional thinking and a willingness to challenge the status quo should be their standard operating procedure. If the tool or resource you need doesn’t exist, they should be able to create it or find someone who can.

At Oliver, we’re committed to innovation. We recently created an employee education credit tracking app for the financial services industry. Several of our clients had struggled to track and monitor the progress of employee education. This app removed that pain point. We created it for a specific client, but several organizations have embraced it as a solution to an outstanding problem. That’s the difference innovation can make.

Making corporate learning possible

If you still need a training partner who ticks all of these boxes. Oliver might be the partner you’ve been seeking. Our team are experts in finance insurance compliance, real estate, and travel, and we’ve worked and trained in those industries for decades. We are invested in your success and committed to advancing the tools and techniques of the training industry. With innovation and flexibility, we develop unique solutions and craft true partnerships. Along the way, we’ve helped more than a quarter of a million people enter new professions or advance their careers.

Plus, Oliver is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) including accreditation to issue the IACET CEU. Various federal, provincial, and state regulators have certified Oliver as an industry-specific education provider by various. We comply with the ANSI/IACET Standard, which is recognized internationally as a standard of excellence in instructional practices.

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